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This is the encyclopedia. You can use it as a reference section to look up the terms used in Neon Genesis Evangelion. This includes stuff like the entry plug, the angels, the Evangelions and many more. Some of the information in this section is based on the Red Cross Book, which is a A4 sized book that was sold to the people who were going to the movie "End of Evangelion" in the Japanese Cinema. The book is black, with a red cross on it, hence the name "Red cross book". It offers in depth information on Evangelion and all the things that pass the viewers eye, answering many of the questions that are formed during the series and movies.

A.T. Field
Black Moon
Central Dogma
Command Center
Dead Sea Scrolls
Dummy Plug
Entry Plug
Fruit of Life and Fruit of Wisdom
Human Complementation Plan
Lance of Longinus
N2 Weapon
Plug Suit
Progressive Knife
S2 Engine
Second Impact
Third Impact
Tokyo 2
Tokyo 3
Tree of life
Tree of Sephiroth
Umbilical Cable

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