General Introduction

In the year 2015, half of Earth's population has been whipped out by an attack by an unknown alien race, which is known as angels. To save the remaining part of mankind, the fate of the human race is being put in the hands of NERV, a mysterious, secret agency that has control over so called Evangelions, huge bio-mechanical, human-like beings. The Evangelions are the only beings strong enough, to get through the angels' AT-field, Absolute Terror Field. Normal weapons will not be able to break through the AT-field, but the Evangelions have one of their own, which allows them to neutralize the Angels' AT-field.

One problem is, the only ones capable of piloting the Evangelions, are some teenage children who have been born exactly nine months after the Angels' first attack. The story starts when Shinji Ikari arrives in Tokyo-3. He's been invited to NERV HQ by his father, Gendou, who is the Supreme commander of NERV. Shinji is wondered why his father calls for him, since he never gave Shinji any attention in the past. Exactly at the moment Shinji arrives, an angel attacks Tokyo-3. Lucky for Shinji, Misato Katsuragi, a commander at NERV, shows up just in time to save his life. After they arrive at NERV HQ, Gendou's plans for Shinji become very clear. He was never really interested in Shinji, but he needed someone to pilot the gigantic Evangion unit 01, in order to destroy the angels. At first, Shinji refuses, but then they carry in the backup pilot, Rei Ayanami. The girl is badly wounded, and seeing her in this condition makes Shinji quickly changes his mind. Scared and totally unprepared, Shinji boards the Evangelion to fight the angel...

The success story

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime unlike many other anime. All the elements in the series perfectly blend together into an anime with a deep story, interesting character developments and some of the most vicious battles ever shown in any anime. So far the series made over 70 billion Yen from video sales in Japan, and over 35 Billion Yen from Merchandise. After its introduction in the US it quickly became one of the most popular series of all time, and its popularity is still getting bigger and bigger, and it even resulted in two Theatrical sequels.

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