Official sites
These are links to official sites related to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Official Neon Genesis Evangelion site (Japanese)
- The official site by Gainax and Project Eva, visit this site for the latest news on Evangelion.

Official Gainax site (Japanese)
- The official site for Gainax Studios, the creators of Evangelion.

These are links to Evangelion related sites made by fans.
- Really good site with a very clean interface and good information about Evangelion and several other anime.
- A very nice looking site about the upcoming live-action movie.
- Good site with lots of information. Comes in English, Dutch and French. (Dutch)
- Another very good Dutch site about Neon Genesis Evangelion.
- A text-based, story-driven Evangelion Role Playing game. Check it out if you like RP!

Other links
These are links to other nice sites that are not Evangelion related.
- Shirana's site about the anime Serial Experiments Lain. Make sure to check it out.
- A site with a lot of new fansub releases you can download using a special program called BitTorrent.

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