I didn't create this website alone. Several people helped me, and I would like to thank them all for their hard work. Thank you all for your time and effort to help making this site possible!

Name Thanks for:
- angel_De_acuario - Spanish translation.
- Deezbeez - Former forum moderator.
- Heretic Number - Forum moderator.
- Ikari Shinji - Former forum super moderator, wrote many things for the site.
- Ramiel - Wrote one episode guide (Ep. 8).
- Rei Ayanami - Former forum super moderator.
- RockY - Spanish translation.
- Sebow  -Wrote two episode guides (Eps 12 and 14)
- Shirana - Forum admin, made several wallpapers for the site.
- Sinbios - Forum super moderator.


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