Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episodes

Neon Genesis is quite a complex anime, with a story that can be quite hard to understand. Missing a small thing in one episode can make another episode impossible to understand. That's why an episode guide might come in handy. We offer in depth summaries for the episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and make them as detailed as possible. This might cause unwanted spoilers, so if you don't want them, don't read these summaries before you've seen the episode, but use them to see if you've missed out on something important after you've seen the epidode.

Episode 01 - Angel Attack
Episode 02 - Unfamiliar Ceiling / The Beast
Episode 03 - The phone that never rings / A transfer
Episode 04 - Rain, escape & afterwards / A hedgehog’s dilemma
Episode 05 - Rei, beyond her heart / Rei I
Episode 06 - Showdown in Tokyo 3 / Rei II
Episode 07 - The human creation / A Human work
Episode 08 - Asuka strikes!
Episode 09 - With one accord in a flash / Both of you, Dance like you want to win!
Episode 10 - Magma Diver
Episode 11 - In the Still Darkness / The day Tokyo-3 stood still
Episode 12 - The value of a miracle is… / She said, “Don’t make others suffer...”
Episode 13 - Angel Invasion / Lilliputian Hitcher
Episode 14 - SEELE, Throne of Souls / Weaving a Story
Episode 15 - Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 15: Those women longed for the touch...

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