Episodes - Episode 1: Angel Attack

It’s the year 2015. A strange looking creature is swimming between the buildings of a flooded city; it looks like it’s been expected, near the edge of the water it’s being awaited by several dozens of tanks. In a nearby city, where the streets have been abandoned because of an emergency announcement, a car is driving through the abandoned streets. The driver, which will later appear to be Misato, is looking for a boy, Shinji Ikari.

At the same moment, Shinji is trying to make a phone call, but, in the current emergency situation, he can’t get connected. He gives up and looks at a picture of Misato, with the promise she’ll come to pick him up. Shinji doubt she’ll still show up and decides to try and find a shelter. When he looks down the street, he suddenly sees a mysterious girl about his age standing there, looking at him. For a moment he is distracted, and when he looks again, she has vanished.

Shinji has no time to think about it though, because at the same moment, the ground starts shaking. When Shinji looks up he sees a bunch of airplanes coming from behind a mountain, followed by a weird looking creature. The creature is being watched by Gendo Ikari, Shinji’s father, at NERV Headquarters. He’s sure of it. After 15 years, the Angels are back.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 1: Angel Attack

While Shinji is terrified by the Angel’s appearance, guided missiles fly through the city towards the giant creature. They all hit the target, but it seems the missiles didn’t even harm the creature at all. The creature takes out one of the planes, which crashes near Shinji. Right after that, the Angel lifts off and lands on top of the wreck, causing an explosion. Right when things are looking their worst, Misato’s car appears, and she tells Shinji to get in. While the army is still fighting their meaningless battle against the

Angel, Misato gets away from the battle scene as quick as possible.

After putting the car back on its wheels, Misato and Shinji continue their trip towards NERV Headquarters. While Misato’s complaining about the bad state of her car and dress, it seems the angel is still alive, just as Gendo expected it to be. While the angel is regenerating itself, Misato gets her car on a special train provided by NERV, a secret agency under control of the UN. Gendo, Shinji’s father, is the supreme commander of NERV, and has been entrusted with full control over the task of destroying the angel. He plans to activate unit-01 to defeat it. But Kouzou Fuyutski mentions there is no pilot for it. Gendo tells him a new pilot will arrive soon.

Back on the train, Misato hands Shinji a few documents to read. It quickly becomes clear to Shinji that he isn’t going to have a happy reunion with his father, but that he is supposed to work for him. At that moment, light appears at the end of the tunnel and the train arrives at the Geofront, a fortress for mankind.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 1: Angel Attack

It doesn’t take Misato much time to get lost in NERV Headquarters. While she is looking what way they should go, she bumps into Dr. Ritsuko Akagi. Ritsuko, after lecturing Misato about wasting her time again, quickly notices Shinji. She asks if this is ‘the boy’. Misato tells her that, according to a report by the Marduck Institute, Shinji is the ‘Third Child’.

In the meantime, the Angel has started to move again. Everyone is getting back to their battle stations. Misato, Ritsuko and Shinji are in an elevator, moving upwards along a giant, transparent wall, with a purple looking liquid on the other side. While Shinji isn’t paying attention at all – he’s still reading the documents Misato gave him – they pass something that looks like a giant hand…

After going through a small door, the 3 are in a totally dark room. Suddenly, the lights go on, and Shinji is looking at something that looks like a giant face. Ritsuko tells him this is a synthetic life form created by humans: Evangelion unit-01. It is mankind’s last hope to defeat the angels. When Shinji asks if this is what his father has been doing all the time, he suddenly hears his father’s voice as his father says, "It's been a long time." When Shinji looks up he sees his father behind a window above the Evangelion. Gendo tells the group below him they are moving out against the angel.

Misato says that’s not possible, since Unit-00 is still in cryo-status, and Rei, the other pilot, can’t pilot unit-01 yet. Ritsuko tells her she just delivered the now pilot: Shinji Ikari. Misato is against it, since it took Rei Ayanami 7 months to synchronize with unit-00, and she doesn’t see why Shinji would be able to go in combat having never even piloted one. Ritsuko says she is aware of that, but that they have to use every chance they get. However, Shinji refuses to pilot it, because that is not what he came for. Gendo doesn’t make much of a problem out of it, orders Shinji to leave if he doesn’t want to pilot it, and orders to bring in the other pilot, Rei Ayanami. At the same moment, the Headquarters trembles. It seems the angel has found out their location.

A few moments later, some people bring in a hospital bed. On the bed is a girl. This is Rei Ayanami, the first child, and she has to pilot unit-01 instead of Shinji. She is severely wounded, and Shinji is shocked when he sees her. At that moment, the angel blasts another hole in the Geo-front, and debris falls on top of NERV Headquarters, causing the building to shake. This causes Rei to fall and a few lamps fall from the ceiling and almost hit Shinji. But, just in time, a giant hand rises above him and protects him. It’s the arm of Evangelion unit-01.

Everyone is surprised by this; the Evangelion was not supposed to move without an entry plug inserted, however, it did move. Misato looks at how it happened and comes to the conclusion the Evangelion was protecting Shinji. Shinji doesn’t seem to care though, he quickly runs towards Rei, who is lying on the ground. When he sees in what bad condition the girl is, he changes his mind about piloting the Evangelion. He can’t let her pilot it in her current state.

After inserting the entry-plug in the Evangelion, it is filled with L.C.L., a special liquid in which the pilot can still breathe and helps synchronization rates. After that, the Evangelion gets activated, and being transported to a launch pad. Shinji’s synchronization ratio with the Evangelion is amazing; 41.3%, which is very high for someone who pilots it for the first time. At the same time, the angel is walking trough the streets of Tokyo-3. Suddenly, the road opens up and the Evangelion rises from it. Shinji is now standing eye to eye with the most terrible monster mankind has encountered so far since the Second Impact…

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