Episode 2: Unfamiliar Ceiling / The Beast

Shinji is standing eye to eye to the gigantic monster that almost killed him earlier on the day. He is piloting the Evangelion, the machine that is supposed to defeat the angel. It’s his first time ever inside an Evangelion, and right now, the only thing he needs to do is to make it walk. It starts well, but after a few steps the Evangelion looses its balance and falls on the ground. Before Shinji can get it to stand up, the Angel grabs it, and after breaking one of the Evangelion’s arms, starts smashing its face. This is all felt by Shinji through a nerve connection between him and the Evangelion, and he can’t fight back. After bashing the head a few times, the Angel pierces the Evangelion’s head and the Eva is pushed back against a building. Blood squirts out of the Evangelion’s head and the Evangelion goes silent.

Shinji wakes up. He’s in some kind of hospital bed. He sits up, looks around, and then he lays his head back on the pillow. He looks up, at the ceiling. “This ceiling is unfamiliar…”

Neon Genesis Evangelion - episode 2: Unfamiliar Ceiling

Downtown, people are cleaning something up. Something big. A crane is lifting something up that looks like the Head of Evangelion 01. At the same time, Gendo Ikari is having a meeting about the appearance of the angels. He is ordered to make sure every bit of information about the subject is manipulated to avoid trouble with the public. Gendo assures then that everything has been taken care of. Another point is the amount of money the repairs on the Evangelion unit will cost. The costs for the repairs of Evangelion 01 and NERV’s other Evangelion, unit 00, are high enough to bankrupt an entire country. This will delay the Human Enhancement Project, SEELE’s top priority. After that, everyone leaves the meeting, but chairman Keel reminds Gendo there is no turning back. Gendo agrees. “Mankind has no time left.”

Shinji is looking outside the Hospital. He left his bed and is now standing in the corridor, looking outside. He looks at his arm. Unlike the feeling he had earlier, it seems to be in perfect shape. He doesn’t really understand what happened. This is also mentioned by Ritsuko, when she informs Misato about Shinji’s condition. They are both downtown, where cranes are transporting huge guns through the city. Although Shinji’s mind is a bit messed up by the stress, his physical condition is alright.

Not much later Misato comes to pick up Shinji. When they want to get on an elevator, they walk into Gendo. Shinji doesn’t even want to look at his father; the elevator then closes and continues to a higher floor.

Since Gendo and Shinji can’t get along very well, Shinji is appointed his own apartment where he shall live on his own. Misato feels sorry for him, and decides to take Shinji with her to live in her apartment. After visiting the shop for some things Misato had to pick up, she drives the car to a lookout point. When they look at the city, Shinji says “So Desolate, this City seems so lonely.” Then Misato says it’s time, and suddenly an alarm is sounding. And buildings start rising from the ground. With every building, the city becomes bigger. This is Tokyo-3, a fortress against the angels, the city Shinji saved.

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Episode 2: The Beast

Later that evening Misato and Shinji arrive at the apartment building Misato lives in. She tells Shinji this is also his home now, and welcomes him in. She excuses about the apartment being a bit messy. What is a bit? Trash is all over the place, mostly empty beer cans. Misato asks Shinji to put the food they bought in the fridge. The fridge currently contains: Ice, snacks and tons of beer. Shinji also notices another fridge. When Shinji asks what is in there, Misato replies with “Never mind that one, he’s probably still sleeping.” Although Shinji wonders what could be sleeping in a fridge, he leaves it alone and prepares dinner. During dinner, Misato is drinking beer, beer and more beer. Shinji doesn’t really eat; he’s not used to the instant food Misato picked up earlier. After diner, they play rock paper scissors to divide the amount of house holding tasks they have to do. In the end, Shinji’s name is filled out on 90% of the chart Misato made.

After dinner, Misato suggests that Shinji take a bath, since it’s good for cleaning both body and soul. Shinji kind agrees he could use a bath, and after getting undressed, he opens the door to the bathing room, to have his first run in with Pen-Pen, Misato’s pet penguin. Shinji didn’t expect anything like this, and butt-naked he runs into the living room, and after Misato tells him what Pen-Pen is (and notifies Shinji of the fan-service his currently giving away), Pen-pen goes into his fridge and Shinji goes into the bathing room.

At NERV headquarters, Ritsuko is talking with Gendo about Rei Ayanami, and Evangelion unit 00. Both Rei and the Evangelion will be active within 20 days, according Gendo. Ritsuko says she feels sorry for the children. Gendo however says that the children are the only ones capable of piloting the Evangelions. Later that evening, Misato talks to Ritsuko. She doubts Shinji will ever pilot the Evangelion again, after all he’s been through. She’s afraid she can’t handle Shinji. Ritsuko tells her it was Misato’s own idea to take Shinji in. Misato screams she knows that, and slams the phone down. She thinks to herself: “I was thinking of Shinji as a tool, I’m as shameless as Ritsuko. We destroyed the Angel… Why can’t I be happy about it?”

“Another unfamiliar ceiling… Of course, this whole city, there is no place that is familiar…” Shinji thinks back of the things that happened that day. According to Misato, this is Shinji’s new home. But he keeps wondering: “What am I doing here?” As the events of the battle play over in his head, he recalls a bashing sound. The sound of the Angel using a piston-like apparatus on the head of the Evangelion. Then suddenly, it all comes back to him. After the Angel pierced through the Evangelion’s head, blood was everywhere and the Evangelion went silent. At the control room, everything seemed to go wrong. All the monitors stopped functioning, and any contact with the unit was lost. Inside the unit, Shinji doesn’t know what is happening, and it drives him crazy. Apparently, the unit reacts to this. The remaining eye lights up and the mouth breaks open. Screaming psychotically the Evangelion completely reactivates, and goes completely berserk. With one jump the Evangelion is on top of the angel, and after a short struggle, the angel forces the unit back.

This is not something that would stop a berserker in its tracks, and the Evangelion runs towards the angel again. Fuyutski comments that it looks like they’ve won, but then the angel throws up its AT-Field. Misato says that, as long as the angel keeps that field up, the Evangelion won’t be able to come near it. The Evangelion seems to have something else in mind though, and after restoring its arm that was broken earlier, it expands an AT-Field of its own, eroding the angels AT-Field.

With a swift movement the Eva tears the Angels AT-Field apart. The angel tries to blast the Evangelion, but it’s no use. The unit grabs the angel’s arms, and twists so they both break. After that, it kicks the angel back, jumps on top of it, and starts bashing the Angel’s red Core. After hitting it a few times, the core starts to crack. It seems the Angel had enough of it. With a loud cry, it jumps up and engulfs the Evangelion. The core lights up, and a few seconds later both the Angel and the Eva disappear in a huge explosion. It seems that in a desperation attack, the angel self destructed in an attempt to destroy its opponent.

It turns out to be a useless attack though, because when the smoke clears, the Evangelion walks out. Only the armour plates are damaged. After the Evangelion stops walking, the monitors in the control room come back online, and Shinji’s status seems to be alright. Inside the entry plug, Shinji gets back the view of the things outside the Evangelion. The unit stopped moving next to a huge building that is reflecting the image of the Evangelion. Now the real damage becomes visible, and the armour of the unit’s head falls on the ground. Shinji looks at the reflection on the building. What he sees is not a robot. It looks like a biochemical organism, a living being. Suddenly, an eye regenerates on the head. It looks at Shinji. Shinji looks back and screams in fear.

Screenshots from this episode

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