Episode 3 - The phone that never rings / A transfer

Shinji is inside Evangelion unit 01. Ritsuko is explaining him how the Evangelion works. The Eva gets its powered through the umbilical cable. If it is ever detached, the Evangelion has only 5 minutes before running out of power. This is because of the limited battery-technology. After this, Shinji is put into a simulation, and he is supposed to shoot some angels with the Evangelion. Maya wonders why Shinji choose to plot the Evangelion, after all what has happened before. "It would seem that he simply does what he's told to do" is Ritsuko's answer.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 3 - The phone that never rings

After taking the trash out, Shinji leaves for school. Misato, who worked all night, is taking the day off and trying to catch up on her sleep. Right after Shinji leaves, the phone rings. Itís Ritsuko. She asks how Misato and Shinji are getting along so far, and how Shinji is doing in school. Misato tells her no one from Shinji's class ever calls him. She thinks Shinji doesn't have any friends. Ritsuko thinks it's because Shinji is afraid of being hurt, and that's why he doesn't make friends easily, even though he'd probably like to have some people around him. Such is the "Hedgehog's Dilemma".

In Shinji's class, 2 of his classmates, Kensuke and Hikari, are talking about the Robot incident. Of course, they are talking about the battle between the Evangelion and the Angel. At the same moment, another classmate enters. "Wow, has the class population dropped or what?" is the first thing he says. It's Toji Suzuhara. He tells about his sister who got injured in the battle, and that she has been in the hospital ever since. He totally blames it on the robot's pilot. Kensuke says he thinks Shinji is the pilot, since he transferred to their school right after the accident.

After the teacher enters the room, he starts telling about something known as the second impact. A massive meteor slammed into Antarctica, causing the ice cap to melt. This caused the water level of the oceans to increase, and the earth was thrown off its axis, and new, devastingly abnormal weather patterns where created. Thousands of species and half of Earth's population were lost after the incident.

While the teacher drones on, Shinji receives a message on his laptop from one of his classmates. "Is it true that you're a pilot? :Y/N" He looks around and sees two girls waving from the back of the class. He gets another message from them. "You are the one, right?" :Y/N" After pondering a few seconds, he enters "yes". A few seconds later all his classmates are on top of him. All, except for Rei Ayanami, Kensuke Aida, Hikari Horaki and Toji Suzuhara.

After they leave school, Shinji runs into Toji, who instantly beats him up. "Sorry newcomer, but I've got to beat you up! I've got to work off my anger." Kensuke quickly tells Shinji that Toji's sister was injured because of the incident. After this, they start to walk off. "I didn't pilot it by choice..." is Shinji's reply. Toji turns around, walks toward Shinji, picks him up by the collar and hits him one more time. Then he and Kensuke walk away. Shinji then lays there on the ground and looks up at the sky, he then notices Rei who appears next to him. She looks at him. "We've got an emergency call. I'll go." Then she runs off.

Neon Genesis Episode 3 - A transfer

It seems a new angel has made its appearance, and is heading for Tokyo-3. All the civilians are evacuated to special shelters. Kensuke is trying to receive some information on it, but the news is being censored and he only receives text messages. At the same time, Evangelion Unit 01 is being prepared for battle. Shinji is wondering why he is piloting it again, his father is not present at the time, and he was nearly defeated the first time.

Back at the shelter, Kensuke has something to discuss with Toji. Using the lame excuse that they are going to the bathroom, they manage to get out of the shelter. The moment they get on the top of a hill near the edge of the city, both the Angel and the Evangelion show up. Shinji does just as what he had been training to do. He jumps out with his rifle, and shoots a volley at the angel. Unfortunately, there is no effect, besides hiding the angel in smoke. Then the angel attacks with its whip-like arms of light, cutting Shinji's rifle and a nearby building in half. Misato sends him a spare rifle, but Shinji seems to be paralyzed with fear.

The only thing that gets him moving is the angel, who attacks him again. He jumps aside, with the angel's whips right on his tail. After destroying a big part of the city and cutting the umbilical cable, the angel grabs one of the Eva's legs and tosses it away... In the direction of the mountain where Toji and Kensuke are watching. The Evangelion lands just next to them, with them huddled between the fingers of the purple beast. Shinji sees them, but then the angel appears above him and attacks again. Shinji manages to grab

the whips, burning the evangelion's hand restraints. Misato orders Toji and Kensuke to get inside the Evangelion. After a short struggle Shinji manages to toss the angel away from him, and Misato orders him to retreat.

Shinji refuses to run away though. Instead of following orders, he deploys the Progressive Knife and slides downhill towards the angel. He pushes the knife directly into the angel's core, and the angel instantly pierces the eva's body with its whip arms. With only 2 seconds left, the angel goes silent. Right after that, the Eva deactivates.

A few days later, Shinji still isn't at school. Kensuke says Toji should call Shinji to apologize, and gives Toji the number of Shinji's phone. Although Toji says he isn't worried about Shinji, he does try to make a call, but no one answers...

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