Episode 4 - Rain, escape & afterwards / A hedgehog’s dilemma

It’s a rainy morning. Misato is crawling out of her bed. After brushing her teeth, she goes to see Shinji. He’s not in his room and there's a note for her on his desk. “Guess he’s run away. That’s not too surprising.”

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Episode 4: Rain, escape & afterwards

The doorbell rings. Misato opens the door, thinking it might be Shinji. She’s wrong, Shinji’s classmates Toji and Kensuke are at the door, and they want to know if Shinji’s ok, because he’s been absent from school ever since the last angel battle. Misato tells them Shinji’s is fine, but at NERV HQ right now. With this information, Toji and Kensuke leave. Toji remarks “She was a real babe.”

Shinji’s inside a train, and rides the train until he is the only one on the train. When the train arrives back at the point where it started, Tokyo 3, Shinji is still on it. He says that he has got to go back. But instead of going back right away, he goes to a cinema first. He doesn’t pay much attention to the movie though; his mind is too troubled for that, with a glazed look in his eyes, he stares blankly at a young couple getting frisky in a row in front of him. After spending the night on a bench he walks through Tokyo-3, but suddenly he gets the feeling all the buildings are spinning around him as If he has gone mad. He runs, gets a lift and gets out in an area outside the city.

While Shinji is gone, Misato is talking to Ritsuko about the matter. Misato remarks it’s cruel to let 14-year old children carry the burden to save mankind. Ritsuko replies that there is no other choice. Only 14-year old children born 9 months after the Second Impact can operate the Evangelions. Misato doesn’t think Shinji will come back, after the last battle she tried to make him understand that she is the one in charge, and he should obey her orders, but Shinji doesn’t seemed to care at all. Misato thinks he already made up his mind about running away back then.

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Episode 4: A hedgehog’s dilemma

Kensuke is camping outside Tokyo-3. Suddenly, he sees Shinji walking through the field. He calls him. Shinji stops. Not much later they are sitting near a fire, while Kensuke tells Shinji about Toji getting scolded by his sister, because he beat Shinji up. He also tells Shinji he really envies him, because Shinji gets to live with a beautiful woman like Misato and he also gets to pilot an Evangelion. Shinji says his mother would probably be worried about him, but Kensuke says he has no mother; he’s the same as Shinji.

The next morning, a few men from NERV’s security intelligence come to pick up Shinji. Shinji goes with them without resisting. At NERV HQ, Misato asks Shinji if he will pilot Evangelion unit 01. Shinji asks if she’s not going to scold him for running away. He gives the answer to it himself. “Of course not, I am not related to you, am I? “ Misato says nothing. Shinji asks what will happen if he refuses. Misato says Rei will have to do it. Shinji says that it seems very unrealistic to him that Misato forces everything on Rei. He’ll pilot it. Even though he doesn’t like it. Misato says they don’t need a pilot with that kind of attitude. She tells him to just forget about EVA and everything related to it and to get lost. Then she leaves.

Not much later, Shinji is leaving Tokyo-3. At the train station, he runs into Kensuke and Toji. Toji apologies for beating Shinji up. He wants Shinji to hit him back. Shinji refuses at once, but Toji insists, so Shinji hits him in the face one time. Toji says that with Shinji’s leaving, they will also have to leave the city pretty soon. But he says he understands it, after seeing how much Shinji suffered in the evangelion. Shinji wants to say something, but the NERV security agents tell him his time is up, and they force him to go further into the train station.

At NERV HQ, Ritsuko tells Misato Shinji has left. Misato doesn’t feel good about it. She now understands what Ritsuko meant with ‘a hedgehog’s dilemma’. The closer they became, the more they hurt each other. At the moment she arrives at the train station, the train is already departing. While looking at the departing train in the distance, she doesn’t instantly notice the fact that Shinji is still on the boarding platform. He never set one foot on the train. After a few moments, they notice each other. They look at each other for quite some time without saying anything. Then Shinji says: “I’m home.” Misato replies to him: “Welcome home.”

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