Episode 5: Rei, beyond her heart / Rei I

Nerv Headquarters, Experimental Station 2, 22 days ago. Evangelion 00 is undergoing an activation test, to see how it reacts when synchronizing with its pilot. It all goes well, until they come close to the border-line, meaning a successful activation. But before the border-line is crossed, the pulses start disconnecting and flowing backwards. Suddenly, the evangelion goes out of control, and Gendo orders a total abort of the test. As the behemoth pounds away at the wall, the Umbilical cable is ejected, and the unit operates on it’s internal battery.

Only a few seconds before the Evangelion comes to a halt, the entry plug is ejected and drops down in a corner of the testing room. A few seconds after that, bakelite is pumped into the room, bringing the Evangelion to a complete halt. Gendo runs towards the Entry plug to save Rei, the test pilot. He opens the hatch with his bare hands, despite the super-hot surface. He loses his glasses in the process, but he doesn’t care as he finds out that Rei is alright. The glasses fall on the ground. The immense heat warping them out of shape….

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 5: Rei, beyond her heart

While the Evangelion is being cut out of its bakelite prison, Ritsuko and Misato talk about Rei. They discuss how her background is unknown and all the information about her was destroyed. She says it was Rei’s mental instability that caused Unit-00 to fail its test.

The camera cuts to the remains of the last angel being researched. Ritsuko shows Misato and Shinji that the Angels are composed of a matter that has not been identified by humans before. She also shows them that the Angel’s inherent wave pattern is almost identical to that of humans. While Misato and Ritsuko are talking about this, Shinji’s attention is caught by his father passing by. Shinji looks at his father who inspects the remains of the Angel’s core. Gendo isn’t wearing his gloves at the moment, and Shinji notices the burned spots on his father’s hands. When he asks Misato about it, Ritsuko tells him it happened during the failed synchronization test, when Gendo was trying to get Rei out of the entry plug.

Some time later, Rei is sitting near the fence at the school’s swimming pool. Shinji and the other guys from his class are on the basketball field below, ogling the girls in their swimming suits. Shinji seems to stare at Rei, who is sitting up against the fence on a fetal position. When Toji and Kensuke tease him of liking Rei, Shinji tries to explain he’s just interested in Rei since she always seems to be alone. Toji and Kensuke confirm she never had any friends since she started at their school in 7th grade. Later, at NERV HQ, Shinji sees Rei and Gendo happily talking to each other. They are both actually smiling, and Shinji concludes they must really like each other, unlike his father who seems not to feel anything for him.

That night, Ritsuko is having instant-ramen at Misato’s place. Even Pen-pen gets the easy-to-prepare food. After some talking about how bad Misato’s living style is (although Misato claims there is nothing wrong with it) Ritsuko asks Shinji to drop by at Rei’s place the next morning to give her a new ID-card. She’ll need it if she wants to get in NERV HQ. Shinji says he thinks it's very strange that he knows hardly anything about Rei, even though they are both Eva pilots. Ritsuko says Rei is mostly like Shinji’s father, she’s not very adept at living.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 5: Rei I

The next morning, Shinji is standing in front of Rei’s front door. He pushes the button for the buzzer. Nothing happens. He opens the door, and goes in. The apartment is a mess. There is paperwork all over the place, and not to mention the bloodstained pillow and bandages on the bed and in the trash. Shinji notices a pair of glasses on the nightstand. He looks at them, puts them on. Then, he hears a sound behind him. When he turns around, he sees Rei standing before him, wrapped in a towel. She had just gotten out of the shower. She walks up to him with a somewhat angry look on her face. Shinji, being the shy, nervous boy he is, doesn't know what to do and instinctively backs up. She takes the glasses, causing Shinji to lose his balance and they both fall, Shinji on top of Rei.

They lay there for a few moments, then Rei asks Shinji to get off. Then he notices his hand is placed directly on Rei’s breast. He jumps up, fumbling with words, trying to say he’s sorry and it wasn’t on purpose. Rei doesn’t even pay attention to him anymore; she just turns around and starts dressing herself. While dressing, she asks Shinji what’s the reason that he is here. Shinji tries to tell her about the ID-card, but Rei already seemed to have lost interest in his story and leaves before he finishes. Shinji decides just to follow her.

At NERV HQ, Rei tries to open a secured door with her ID-card, not being aware it is expired. She tries a few times, and then Shinji gives her the new card. Without a word, she takes it from him and enters the Headquarters. Shinji follows her in, and while they are descending to a lower level, Shinji asks if Rei isn’t afraid of the re-activation test she’ll have today. Rei asks why she would be scared. Shinji tells her, “I heard you where badly injured during the last test, so I thought you might be…” Rei interrupts Shinji, “Aren’t you commander Ikari’s son? Don’t you have faith in your father’s work?” Shinji looks at her. “Of course not! How could I trust him?” Rei turns around, and she slaps Shinji right in the face.

The test seems to go very well. Shinji and Misato are watching while the test proceeds. Finally, the border line is cleared. Activation is successful. And at the same moment, Gendo gets a phone call. He orders to stop the test and go to first stage alert. It seems a new angel appeared on the battlefield.

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