Episode 6: Showdown in Tokyo 3 / Rei II

After the appearance of a new angel, Shinji is sent out in Eva 01 to defeat it. But before Shinji can even take a step, the angel fires a high concentrated energy beam directly at the Evangelion. Misato quickly orders the Evangelion back. While she goes to see how Shinji is, the Entry plug is ejected and Shinji is taken out. At the same time, the angel hovers above Tokyo 3, and lowers some sort of drill to make a hole in the surface.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 6: Showdown in Tokyo 3

After some test with a decoy Evangelion and a huge Mortar, the conclusion is taken that the angel seems to attack every target within a certain range. This will make close range combat with one of the Evangelions nearly impossible. Both its attacking power and its defence seem to be perfect. Misato comments that it's like a flying fortress. The drill will reach NERV HQ just after midnight, in about 10 hours. Evanglion 01 is being repaired, and Shinji's physical condition is ok. Although there is little change of beating the angel,

Misato has a little plan she'd like to try before giving up.

Misato talks to Gendo and Fuyutski about her plan. She plans to snipe the angel from a distance with a powerful energy beam. Although the chance the plan will succeed is only 8,7%, Gendo sees no reason to reject it. Ritsuko tells Misato the standard Positron rifles can't handle an output high enough to defeat the Angel. Misato is aware of that, and decides to borrow one that is: the new prototype from the Strategic Self Defence Lab. The required energy will be taken from Japan's energy net. The canon will be ready in 3 hours, and for defence, a part from an old Rocket is used, which will last at least 17 seconds against the angel's energy beam.

Not much later, Shinji's recovery is complete. Not long after that, Rei comes to him to brief him about his mission. Shinji tells her he doesn't want to pilot the Evangelion again. Rei tells him that if he doesn't want to do it, she'll pilot Eva 01 instead, and she leaves.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 6: Rei II

The sun is setting. Toji, Kensuke and some of their classmates are waiting at the place where the Evas will appear. Then, a mountain close by opens up and the evangelions walk out, heading towards the location from where they'll snipe the angel. Since evangelion 01 is also heading there, it looks like Shinji changed his mind about piloting it.

Later, Misato briefs Shinji and Rei about their mission. Shinji will be the gunner, for he has a higher sync. rate with the Evangelion. Rei will back him up. Some time later, all of Japan is blacked out. All the electricity is being used to charge the cannon. Rei and Shinji are waiting for the operation to start. Shinji asks Rei why she pilots the Evangelion. She tells him she's bonded to it, and she has nothing else. When Shinji asks what she means by that, Rei gets up and says goodbye to Shinji. It's time.

At exactly 0.00, the operation starts. All the energy is pushed into the cannon, charging it up in order to fire a beam that will destroy the angel in one shot. But 5 seconds before it is ready, the angel starts loading its own beam cannon. Both the Evangelion and the angel fire at the same time. The beams don't hit each other, but they do interrupt each other, causing both of the beams to miss their target. A few moments later, the angel's drill breaks through the final armoured plate and it enters the geofront.

A second shot is lined up, but the angel is faster and fires another beam at the Evangelion. Good thing Rei jumps in with Eva 00 and protects Shinji, while the 2nd shot is being charged. The shield doesn't last long though, and after a few seconds it starts melting. Just then the gun is ready and Shinji fires the beam at the angel. The beam penetrates the angel, and it slowly falls towards the ground. The drill stops in the centre of the geofront.

Evangelion 00 is badly damaged by the extensive heat caused by the angel's energy beam. Shinji quickly pulls out the entry plug with Evangelion 01. While the angel is burning, Shinji desperately tries to open up the hatch of Eva 00's entry plug. Rei lies in the entry plug. When Shinji calls her name, she opens her eyes and looks at his face. Tears are dripping from his eyes. "Don't say you have nothing else. Don't say goodbye when going on a mission. It's too sad." Rei looks at him. She asks him why he is crying. She says: "I'm sorry. I don't know what to do or feel at a time like this." Shinji asks why she doesn't try smiling. Rei looks at him, and then recognises Gendo in Shinji, for Shinji saved her the same way Gendo did once, and smiles.

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