Episode 7: The human creation / A Human work

Gendo Ikari is talking to the phone. He seems to be discussing a rapport he recently got. When a glimpse of the rapport is shown, a picture of a weird looking robot shows up. Gendo says that it's best for 'it' to disappear.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 7: The human creation

At Shinji's home, things are going the same as always. Misato is loud during breakfast, and she's drinking her usual cans of beer for that morning. Shinji is annoyed by her behaviour, and says that he isn't surprised Misato's still single at her age. She's being too lazy and too sloppy. After breakfast, Shinji asks Misato if she's going to his school today, because of the parent-teacher meeting. Of course she'll come; it is part of her responsibility. Shinji remarks she probably just does it just because it's part of her job. Not much later, Kensuke and Toji come to pick up Shinji for school, doing their best to see a glimpse of Misato. Later, when Misato arrives at school, a similar event occurs, when almost all the boys are hanging outside the window just to see Shinji's babe-guardian.

Later that day, Shinji is inside Eva 01's Entry plug. He thinks about the purpose of the Evangelion… and what the Evangelions are. He thinks about the eye he saw after his first battle… The entry plug smells like blood… Later he hears that his father left the country for a few days for business. Gendo is discussing the production of the new Evangelion Models after Evangelion unit 02, which should arrive at NERV HQ within only a few weeks. Shinji learns new stuff from Ritsuko, mainly about the real cause of the second

impact. It wasn't a meteor; the second impact was caused by the first angel ever discovered. For an unknown reason, the angel exploded during the research. The purpose of NERV is to prevent another impact like the Second Impact.

The next morning, Shinji and Pen-Pen get the shock of their lives. Instead of the noisy way Misato normally enters the room, she enters the room well dressed, and she skips her usual morning beer. She just says Shinji she'll be out of town for business, and won't come back before tomorrow, and leaves.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 7: A Human work

Misato and Ritsuko arrive by jet in old Tokyo. They are the only people who represent NERV. The presentation they attend is about a new weapon to fight the Angels. It's equipped with a nuclear reactor, providing them of enough power to operate for 150 days. Ritsuko says it's not safe in a unit that is designed for hand-to-hand combat. She is told that that risk is better than a unit that won't work for more than 5 minutes. Of course, this refers to the Evangelions, that sill require an umbilical cable. Other things that are compared are remote control and the Eva's control system that puts a lot of stress on the pilot. And to make matters worse, Ritsuko receives a copy of a rapport that contains pictures of a berserker Evangelion 01. When Ritsuko says that NERV is the only organization with a weapon against the angels, she is told that it's only a matter of time before others will develop similar weapons to battle the angels.

Although she kept her mouth shut during the whole presentation, Misato is kicking the hell out of a closet in the Room where she and Ritsuko stay until the actual demonstration begins. While she is kicking the crap out of the closet, Ritsuko stays calm. While she is burning some kind of rapport, Misato comments Intelligence must be dragging its ass.

Some moments later, the demonstration starts. Two huge doors open, and a weird looking machine appears. This is JA, the machine that is meant to battle the Angels. Not much later, while all the people except for Misato and Ritsuko are looking with tension, the machine makes its first step. Misato looks at it with a binocular. "It walks! Now that's something to be proud of!"

Ritsuko isn't paying attention to the machine at all; she is looking towards the people who are controlling it. Something seems to be going wrong; the pressure inside the reactor is increasing. They aren't able to shut the machine down, it isn't responding to anything anymore. It walks right through the control room, leaving a huge mess. Misato comments the robot is as badly behaved as the guy who built it.

The increasing pressure in the reactor will cause a meltdown within only a short amount of time. Misato demands the password that deletes all the operating software, so the robot will come to a halt. In the meantime, the machine is heading towards a populated area. Misato orders Evangelion 01 to be delivered at the current location. She explains to Ritsuko that she'll go inside the machine to delete the programming by hand. Just before leaving, she gets the password for the total deletion of the programming: "hope"

A few moments later, she takes off in a plane with onboard Shinji and Eva-01. While they are closing in on AJ, Misato tells Shinji what the purpose of this operation is. When they catch up on AJ, the Evangelion is dropped. Shinji is piloting it and Misato's on the Evangelion's hand. After touching the ground, it takes a short run so the Evangelion can grab the uncontrollable robot. Shinji moves the right hand close to the emergency hatch, so Misato can open it and after almost falling one time, she finally gets into the

extremely hot control room. While Shinji is preventing the robot from walking further, Misato tries to enter the password. Error, it doesn't work. She tries again. Error...

After coming to the conclusion the program must have been altered, she decides to do it the hard way, by pressing the coolant bars back into their hulls. She hopes this will cause the software to abort the system's operation. It's heavy though, and she's running out of time. A meltdown seems unpreventable, but then, at the very last moment, the bars shove back and the system shuts down. Shinji is full of joy that Misato's sage. He says it's a miracle. Misato agrees. Although she thinks someone set up the miracle.

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