Episode 8: Asuka strikes!

Gendo is sitting in his office talking on the communicator about “the cargo”. Shinji, Kensuke, Toji, and Misato are in a helicopter flying out to sea to intercept this “cargo”, all throughout which they must listen to Kensuke babble about how cool all of the boats and helicopters are, while also videotaping some apparently classified equipment, and Toji flirt with the un-flatterable Misato. As they land on the U.N. fleets super-carrier “Over the Rainbow” the captain on the bridge mutters something about they brought the power cable for that children’s’ toy. (meaning the EVA). Asuka watches with mild interest as the chopper lands and the crew “calmly” disembarks in front of some over zealous soldiers. As Kensuke is joyed to tears Toji is in tears as he chases his “special hat” that he wore just for Misato.

The group finally finds Asuka when she steps on Toji's hat that the wind is carrying away. Misato introduces the 3 children to each other, but as soon as the introductions are over Asuka's dress blows up in the wind as the boys take notice, then Asuka strikes each of the boys for looking up her dress.

Neon Genesis Evangelion- episode 8: Asuka Strikes!

On the flight deck the boys are recovering from being smack by Asuka who remarks, “That’s the viewing fee, quite a bargain don’t you think?” Trouble gets started when Toji replies “It’s overpriced.” And as he drops he pants, “Here’s your change!” , and Asuka strikes again.

Later on the bridge the obviously annoyed and UN accommodating captain has his first meeting with Misato and the others. Just as things are winding down Kaji Ryouji shows up on deck and Asuka suddenly turns in the biggest flirt you’ve ever seen, but Misato freaks out (he is her ex-boyfriend). After everyone has left the captain and first mate talk about how the world has pinned their hopes on the EVAs.

In an elevator on the way down to the restaurant Misato barks at Kaji about why he is here, when you think it just got quiet Misato and Asuka scream “WATCH WHERE YOU’RE TOUCHING!!” and Kaji and Toji whine back “I can’t help it!”

Asuka drags Shinji along to show off her EVA. She says that her unit 2 is the first REAL Evangelion and it is harder to pilot, trying to make up for the fact that her sync rate was less than half of his WITH training. Then a shockwave rocks the ship and Shinji explains to Asuka that it is possibly an Angel. Misato runs to the bridge and asks the captain if he would like information on the Angel and its weaknesses, but as always the captain just wants them to “get the hell off his bridge”.

Down in the cargo hold Auska suits up and decides to take Shinji along with her, she tosses him a female plug suit as he stands there wide eyed. After Shinji gets suited up and covers his body, which is given a female shape by the suit, they enter EVA Unit 2 as the angel continues to rampage the ships.

As Asuka go through the start sequences for the EVA there is an error cause by thought noise coming from Shinji. Asuka accusingly says “Your thinking in Japanese aren’t you?! If you have to think at least think in German!” Shinji acknowledges this by saying, “OK, umm... strudel… bratwurst...” and get cut off by Asuka, “ACH! Dumbkopff! , reconfigure EVA Unit 2 for Japanese.”

As the news of EVA unit 2s activation makes it to the bridge the captain and Misato fight over giving orders through a microphone about going or stopping. As Asuka activates unit 2 she realizes she needs the external power supply and “plays hopscotch” to get to the carrier. As the angel leaps onto the carrier Asuka snaps her prog knife and falls overboard.
The power cable acts as an anchor to the ship preventing the loss of unit 2 as it whips back and forth across the flight deck knocking millions of dollars of equipment into the ocean. At this point Kensuke has run out of space on his video disk just as everything happens, the fight is on, and Kaji, feeling the heat, flies off in his personal YAK-38 custom.

Underwater, as the Angel approaches for a second strike at Unit 2 Asuka realizes that B-Type equipment won’t work underwater. As the Angel approaches it opens its mouth to swallow the EVA but also revealing its core. On the ship Toji remark that this is like marlin fishing which gives Misato an idea. She will sink the last two battleships, have the angel swallow them, and then as the battleships self-destruct they will destroy the angel as well. Meanwhile in the EVA, Asuka and Shinji are arguing over who is controlling the EVA.

As the plan is set into motion Asuka still will not leave Shinji alone accusing him of rubbing against her on purpose. Shinji retort she needs to stop complaining and open its mouth or they will die. Right before the ships contact the angel Shinji and Asuka both concentrate on opening the Angel’s mouth, which they finally manage to open it. As the battleships enter the angel’s mouth they fire off their main guns destroying the angel’s core and body. In the explosion Unit 2 is blasted up onto the deck.

In port, at New Yokosuka, they are examining the records of the battle and see that Shinji and Asuka broke the sync records for the EVA for seven seconds. Asuka and Shinji return from the fight down a ramp as Shinji listens to Toji make fun of him for having a female body suit. Auska then runs over to ask for Kaji, but it turns out he took off for HQ.

Kaji is back at NERV already talking with Gendo about the attack. It turns out the cargo was actually Adams embryo and not unit 2 as everyone had thought, and that that was the reason the angel attacked.

Back at school the boys are saying they are glad they will never have to see Asuka again, though Shinji has to work with her every day, when as if on cue Asuka comes through the doors, causing the boys to fall over. “Hi, I’m Asuka Langley Sohryu. Charmed heh?”

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