Episode 9: With one accord in a flash / Both of you, Dance like you want to win!

All the guys in Shinji’s class seem to be all over Asuka. While the girls are rather annoyed by it, Asuka seems to like the fact that she is the most popular girl in the school. While Toji and Kensuke make money by selling photographs of her, Asuka asks Shinji where the first child is. When Shinji points towards Rei, Asuka goes to see her. Rei, who is reading a book, doesn’t seem to be interested in Asuka at all though, and when Asuka says they should be friends because it would be convenient, Rei says she will if she’s ordered to.

At NERV HQ Ritsuko is analysing the data she obtained on the last angel, when suddenly Kaji embraces her from behind. He seems to be trying to put a move on Ritsuko, who says he shouldn’t because a very ugly face is observing them. It’s Misato, who is obviously pissed off by what she sees. Misato walks into the room and asks Kaji why he is still here, after he delivered Eva unit 02. Kaji says he has received orders to stay in Japan though, and that they can now hang out as they used to. Misato is becoming more pissed every second, when suddenly they hear an alarm. It seems another angel has arrived.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 9: With one accord in a flash

Because the last angel attack brought Tokyo-3’s defence system back to only 26 percent, Misato decides to intercept the angel. Eva-01 and Eva-02 are supposed to take turns in attacking the angel. While Asuka is complaining she’d rather make a solo debut, and Shinji tries to explain it has to do with certain procedures, the Evangelions are launched. After the power cables are connected, it doesn’t take long before the angel appears. Asuka quickly attacks it, and with her lance, she slices it in two. While Asuka

is bragging about how easy it was, Shinji notices the core of the Angel suddenly changes. Then the angel drops its skin and they suddenly face 2 similar angels…

While Shinji and Asuka are fighting over whose fault it was, Fuyutski says the two completely embarrassed NERV by losing to the angel. They were lucky the UN dropped a N2 mine on the angel, burning off 28% of the angel’s substance. This didn’t kill the angel, but at least gives NERV a few days to think up a new attack plan. While Fuyutski explains that the job of the pilots is to defeat the angels, and not fight each other after they fail, Misato is looking at the giant pile of damage bills and complainments at her desk. While Misato is relieved she didn’t lose her job yet, despite all that happened, Ritsuko gives her some kind of tape with an idea from Kaji on how to beat the angel.

When Shinji comes home later that day, he’s in for a cold surprise. It seems Asuka is moving into Misato’s place, and according to her, Shinji will have to leave. Asuka considers it just logical, considering her, in her opinion, superior abilities. She’d rather live with Kaji though. While Asuka is complaining about the Privacy and the size of Japanese houses, Misato shows up. She asks Shinji and Asuka if they’ll get along well. Shinji and Asuka don’t understand what Misato means with “It’s all to prepare for the next operation.”

It seems Kaji’s idea to beat the angel is a synchronized attack on both targets, guided by music, in order to destroy the cores of both targets at once. Because the two pilots will need perfect Cooperation and Coordination, and therefore Misato wants Asuka and Shinji to live together until the operation starts in six days.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 9: Both of you, Dance like you want to win!

When Toji and Kensuke go to see Shinji, who hasn’t been to school for three days, they run into the class rep. It seems she is on her way to Asuka, who also didn’t show up for a few days. When they stop at the same apartment, and Shinji and Asuka both open the door wearing some funny clothes, Toji and Kensuke instantly scream that Shinji betrayed them, and Hikari accuses the two of living in sin. Then Misato shows up and explains the whole situation to them. Rei is with her. While Asuka and Shinji practise a synchronization game, the rest is talking about the operation. Suddenly, Asuka throws her headphones on the ground and says it’s impossible to work with an idiot like Shinji. Misato doesn’t give in though, and lets Rei try it. Unlike Asuka, Rei and Shinji seem to work together pretty well. When Asuka realizes it wasn’t Shinji’s fault but her fault it went wrong all the time, she becomes angry and leaves the room. As always, Hikari accuses Shinji as being the one to blame, and she tells him to follow Asuka and apology.

Shinji follows her, and Asuka says she’ll pilot the Eva anyway, because for her, it’s a matter of pride and honour. She won’t give in to Misato and especially not to Rei. From that day on they practise and practise until their synchronization is perfect, and they prepare themselves for the final test: the actual battle with the angel.

That night, Misato is at NERV HQ, leaving Shinji and Asuka alone at home. Asuka uses this opportunity to separate herself from Shinji for a change, and she drags her stuff into the other room. That night, Shinji is having trouble sleeping. He’s listening to his walkman, when suddenly Asuka enters his room. She appears to be sleepwalking; Shinji doesn’t care and closes his eyes, trying to fall asleep. When he opens his eyes again, Asuka is suddenly laying next to him. She lies with her face very close to that of Shinji, and Shinji is

having trouble not to kiss her. For some reason, he almost does it anyway though, when suddenly Asuka calls for her mother. At that moment, the tape in Shinji’s walkman jams, and a few moments later Shinji is laying on the other side of the room, far away from Asuka. “You’re just a child yourself!” he says, and goes to sleep.

At the same moment, Kaji and Misato are in an elevator in NERV HQ. Even though Misato seems not to be willing to, she is kissing with Kaji. When the elevator stops, she quickly gets out though. “No! There is nothing between us anymore.” She says. “Don’t do that again!” Kaji is picking up the documents Misato dropped. “Your lips didn’t say no. Who should I trust, your lips or your words?” He asks while handing over the documents. After that, he makes a mocking bow and the doors of the elevator close. Misato looks at the doors, and then throws her documents against them in anger. Later she is drinking coffee with Ritsuko. When Ritsuko asks Misato if she still likes Kaji, Misato laughs and says Kaji was the biggest mistake in her life. She doesn’t want to think about it though, tomorrow is D-Day.

The angel has restored itself into the one being it was when it first appeared, and is now approaching Tokyo-3. Misato is preparing Shinji and Asuka for the fight. Asuka looks at Shinji. “Just remember Shinji, full power, maximum performance!” Shinji looks back. “We’ll finish this in sixty-two seconds!” Then the angel enters ground Zero and Misato orders to detach the external power cables. The Evangelions are launched and the music begins. In a sixty second during dance of demolition the two Evangelions manage to destroy the angel, which explodes in a huge fireball. After the smoke clears, the Evangelions become visible. They are lying in the crater, on top of each other. Misato slaps her hand against her head. Ritsuko says it’s pathetic. Shinji gets out of the Entry plug, only to receive a call from Asuka telling him to get his Eva of her Unit-02. Shinji says she’s the one who fell on him, and after that, the two just won’t stop arguing anymore. Like the children they are.

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