Episode 10: Magma Diver

Asuka is in the city, walking with Kaji. She manages to get him into a swimsuit store, and asks him what he thinks of the swimsuit she’s showing him. He tells her she’s a bit too young for that kind of swimsuit, but she says he’s just being old-fashioned and it’s the latest mode. Later they are having something to drink, and Asuka tells Kaji about her upcoming school trip. Kaji mentions he never had a school trip. When Asuka asks him why, he says it was because of the second impact.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 10: Magma Diver

Back at home Asuka’s plans for the field trip are shattered when Misato tells her she’s on standby duty, together with Shinji. While Asuka is making one hell of a problem out if it, Shinji says he already expected such a thing to happen and he doesn’t really care. Asuka doesn’t care about the risk of an angel showing up either, but she has no choice but to stay home. Misato notifies them of the fact that their grades are quite low, it gives the two a nice chance to catch up on them.

While Rei is swimming in a pool in NERV HQ, Shinji is sitting near the pool, studying physics. Asuka comes up to him and asks him what he’s doing. When she looks at Shinji’s laptop, it gives him a good view of Asuka’s new bathing suit. Asuka finishes the question Shinji was working on without any trouble, and when Shinji asks her why she was so bad during the tests, she says that she couldn’t read the Japanese questions very well. They look at the next question, it’s about thermal expansion. Things grow when they get hot, and shrink when they get cold. When Asuka asks if her breasts would get bigger when they get hot, Shinji says he doesn’t know such things. “You’re such a boring little boy…”

At the same time, a new angel is discovered in Mt. Asama, an active volcano. It’s still like an embryo, and a plan to capture it using one of the Evangelions is created. Asuka instantly jumps in when she finds out the mission is to dive into the volcano. Shinji goes along as backup, and Rei stays at standby on NERV HQ.

Not much later, Asuka is trying on her heat resistant plugsuit. She doesn’t notice any difference, until she pushes the button on her right wrist, which makes the suit blow up like a balloon. Not only Asuka is dressed up funny for this mission, Eva-02 also gets a nice diving suit, making the unit look very clumsy and not elegant at all. Asuka is making a huge problem out of it, especially when Kaji comes to check things out and says he was looking out for seeing Asuka’s gallant figure. Asuka wants to quit, but as soon as Rei offers to go in her place, she gets angry and says she’d rather go herself then.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 10: Magma Diver

Before the mission begins, Shinji and Asuka notice UN troops in the area. When Asuka asks if they are to help them, Ritsuko says they are to destroy everything in the area in case the mission is screwed up. When Shinji asks who would order such a thing, it appears it’s his father’s order. Not much later, Asuka ‘dives’ into the lava. She descends to a depth of 1500 meters and still no sign of the Angel. Soon after that, Asuka loses her Prog knife. At a depth of 1780 meters Asuka finally encounters the angel. Asuka tries to capture it with an electromagnetic cage, but of course, it goes wrong, and the angel suddenly starts growing. Within a few seconds, it breaks out of the cage and attacks Asuka.

Misato quickly changes the operation from capturing the angel to destroying the angel. Asuka wants to fight the angel, but she forgot she’s missing her prog knife. Asuka just manages to evade the Angel’s attack. Shinji throws down his prog knife, but it soon appears it’s no use because the angel is built too strong to be hurt by it.

Asuka quickly thinks of what she explained to Shinji earlier, the thermal expansion. She quickly cuts one of the coolant cables and pushes it into the angel’s mouth. The angel can’t take it, and when Asuka tries to cut it again with the Prog knife, the angel lets go of her and dies, cutting most of the cables that connect the Eva to the crane on top of the volcano. The coolant system is completely dead, and the Eva's suit starts to implode due to the high pressure. When finally the last cable snaps and Asuka thinks it’s the end, Eva-01 grabs the hand of Eva-02 and by doing this, Asuka is saved.

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