Episode 11: In the Still Darkness / The day Tokyo-3 stood still

After pickin up some things, Ritsuko, Aoba and Ibuki take a metro train to NERV HQ. In the train, they meet Fuyutski, who is just reading the paper. When Ritsuko tells him heís quite early today, he tells her that he has to go uptown as Ikariís representative for a City Councilís meeting. Not that it really matter though, actually the MAGI are controlling most of the actions that are taking place in Tokyo-3. Fuyutski asks Ritsuko if there isnít an activation test for Eva-00 today. Ritsuko confirms this by telling him that the test will be around 10:30. Fuyutski expects good results. Itís just the question if he will get those.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 11: In the Still Darkness

Shinji is making a phonecall. It takes some time before the person on the other side picks up the phone. Itís Gendo. Shinji is not feeling comfortable, heís talking slow, which annoys his father. Shinji tells his father there will be a parentís interview at his school soon. Gendo tells him thatís Misatoís job, and Shinji shouldnít bother him with such things. Then, he hangs up.

Misato and Kaji are in an elevator. Suddenly, the elevator stops. Misato canít believe it that sheís stuck with Kaji, while Kaji jokes that Ritsuko might have made some mistake. At the Eva reactivation test all systems shut down aswell. Everyone looks at Ritsuko. ďItís not my faultÖĒ

While NERV HQ is only running with 2% of the backup lines available, thus not functioning properly at all, downtown all the power blacks out. Because itís day, not everyone notices it right away. Shinji, Asuka and Rei are walking to NERV HQ as always, talking about Shinjiís phonecall with Gendo. Shinji thinks itís a mechanical failure, because Gendo didnít finish his last sentence. They decide to stop talking about it. Later, when they arrive at NERV HQ, they discover something is wrong and they canít enter the main gates, because the system isnít responding to their security cards at all.

While Ritsuko manages to get her and some others out of the testing room, Gendo and Fuyutski talk about the fact that itís weird that all the systems have failed, and that it must have been sabotaged by someone. At any rate, an angel attack would be most inconvenient. Of course, not much later, an unidentified object appears on the radar. Itís heading straight for Tokyo-3. Itís the next angel.

While Ritsuko uses emergency stairs to get to the command room, the pilots are thinking about how to get to NERV HQ. Asuka proposes there should be a group leader, and of course, sheís happy to take that job. Rei quickly finds a route they can take, and after Asuka orders Shinji to manually open an emergency door, the Angel is still advancing. Makoto, who was walking downtown when the power failed, receives this news from an airplane that is flying over Tokyo-3. He realizes he should get to headquarters fast. In headquarters, the heat is rising because of the non-functional air conditioners. Maya comments that Fuyutski and Gendo are still staying cool and in command. What she canít see, it that Fuyutski is standing in a bucket of water to keep his feet cool.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Episode 11: The day Tokyo-3 stood still

While the angel is already walking through Tokyo-3, Makoto has found a way of getting himself to Headquarters by getting help from a announcement car. In the command room, the possibility of the current situation is being discussed. According to Fuyutski, someone must have caused it to happen, because itís impossible for such a blackout to occur all by itself. When he says Gendo that he canít believe that the biggest problems in NERV HQ arenít caused by angels, but by humand, Gendo says: ďOne of mankindís greatest enemies is Man himself.Ē For Shinji, that isnít true though, because at the moment, his biggest enemy is Asuka, who still is playing bossy and eventually got the 3 of them lost somewhere in NERV HQ. Appearently, Makoto isnít too far off, because they can hear his voice. They donít know heís using the speakers on the car though, but they do hear him saying an Angel is approaching. Rei decides to take a shortcut through the airshafts.

Not much later, they have to choose between a left and a right corridor. While Rei says they should go left, Asuka goes to the right. Now much later they open a door, to stand eye to eye with the angel. Asuka quickly closes the door, and says that now at least they have confirmed the angelís presence. At the same time, the people in the command center hear about the angel, and Gendo leaves Fuyutski in charge so he can help getting the Evas ready for launch.

While Asuka is starting picking fights with Rei, who is quite a smartass in Asukaís opinion, the Evas are being prepared for launch manually. Gendo orders to prepare for the insert of the entry plugs. When someone notifies him that the pilots arenít there yet, Ritsuko says theyíll be there soon. Sheís right, not much later an air duct breaks open and the 3 of them roll over the floor of the command room. Shinji asks how the Evas are. They are on standby. When he asks how that was done without power, Ritsuko tells him that it was all done by hand.

Not much later, the pilots enter the Evas and the final restraints are being released. At the same moment, the angel stops right above them, and starts releasing some kind of acid into the Headquarters. With huge battery packs on their shoulders, the Evas take off. Not much later, they approach a vertical shaft, but when they try to climb up, they receive the angelís acid and fall back down. Their weapons fall all the way down the shaft, the Evas get stuck halfway, thanks to Shinji. Asuka quickly comes with a plan though, she blocks the acid, while Rei jumps down to get the rifle and throw it to Shinji. Shinji catches the rifle, Asuka will move out of the way. Shinji fires a volley at the angel, and his shots penetrate the angelís body. The angel falls down and goes silent.

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