Episode 12: The value of a miracle is… / She said, “Don’t make others suffer...”

15 years ago, the second impact occurred. At that time, Misato Katsuragi was there. She was only a child then, her father saved her that time by putting her into an emergency escape pod. He was covered in blood, but managed to get Misato to safety just before everything exploded. Some time later, the pod opens and Misato sees herself drifting in the sea with on the horizon a strange light, caused by the second impact. She’s wounded, but she’s alive. 15 years later we see the same Misato dressing herself. There is a big scar across her chest.

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Episode 12: The value of a miracle is…

It’s raining. Toji and Kensuke are looking for shelter at Shinji’s place. As soon as Asuka finds out that the two guys are there, she goes mad, screaming that they are just there because they are after her. Of course, Toji gets all worked up. “Shut up, idiot!” he says. “Who would want to see you changing your clothes?” Then the door opens, and Misato comes in. Toji and Kensuke immediately apologize for disturbing her, but Misato greets them and tells Shinji and Asuka there will be a harmonics test later in the evening. Then Kensuke notices a little badge on Misato’s jacket, and congratulates her on her promotion, along with Toji who follows his example. Misato thanks them and leaves.

Shinji asks if something happened to Misato, and Kensuke reacts annoyed because Shinji didn’t even notice that Misato was promoted from Captain to Major. When Asuka says she also didn’t notice this, Kensuke sighs and asks if the two even have any sympathy, and according to Toji he and Kensuke are the only ones who show some human compassion.

Later that day the 3 Eva pilots are participating in the harmonics test. Shinji’s score is rising rapidly; it increased 8 points since the last test. It won’t take him long to catch up with Asuka, he’s clearly a born pilot. When Misato hears this, she comments that Shinji isn’t happy about being one, though. Asuka seems jealous about it, she says that Shinji is still 50 points behind of her score, and she asks him if he’s happy about his little praise he just got from Ritsuko. She knows very well that if Shinji’s score will keep going up at this rate, it will only be a matter of a few weeks before she’s surpassed by the third child.

On their way home, Shinji congratulates Misato with her promotion. Misato thanks him, but tells him she’s not all that thrilled. Shinji understands that, he also isn’t happy when people praise him, because it makes Asuka angry. When they get home, there is a little party for Misato, because she got her promotion. As to be expected, Toji and Kensuke are the brains behind it. Too bad for Toji and Kensuke, Asuka invited the class representative, which, in their opinion, will spoil most of their fun. She also invited Rei and Kaji, but Rei wouldn’t come and Kaji also didn’t show up yet.

While Toji and Asuka are fighting each other over Asuka’s comment that Kaji can’t be compared to the dweebs who are currently in the room because Kaji is way cooler, Shinji asks Misato why she isn’t happy with her promotion like the others. She tells him she’s happy though, but that’s just not the reason for her to do her job. Then Kaji arrives. He brought Ritsuko, something Asuka doesn’t like at all. Kaji tries to assure the others that they just happened to meet on the way, but both Misato and Asuka think it’s very

suspicious. Ritsuko tells Shinji that his father left for the South Pole, along with Fuyutski. According to Kaji that must be the reason of Misato’s promotion, to leave the old Katsuragi in charge. Of course, Misato is far from flattered by this comment.

The next day, a new angel makes its appearance. This time it’s in space, and it’s dropping parts of itself as bombs. The power behind it is enormous, and it’s getting closer to Tokyo-3 every time it drops a new bomb. According to Ritsuko it’ll probably drop itself once it’s close enough to NERV Headquarters, destroying all of it. Since there is little chance of finding a way to stop this from happening, Misato orders an evacuation of every resident within a 50 Kilometre radius. Misato is planning of using the 3 Evas to stop the angel. According to Ritsuko this is crazy and Misato should not be so selfish, and keep in mind that she should not just be thinking of her personal revenge against the angels.

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Episode 12: She said, “Don’t make others suffer...”

Misato explains the plan to the pilots. She tells them that there is little chance of success and that only God knows if they’ll succeed. Misato tells them that regulations say they should write a will, Asuka refuses to do so though, she’s not planning on dying yet. Later, they are given more information about the mission, and they see how big the possible area is where the angel might drop itself. Based on the data the MAGI have, Misato has decided 3 locations where the Evas will wait for the angel. When Rei asks her why Misato chose those locations, Misato says it’s based on intuition. Asuka comments that the miracle is getting further and further away from them. Shinji notifies the rest of the fact Misato never even won the lottery.

When they are about to board their Evas, Shinji asks Asuka why she’s piloting it. She says that it’s pretty much to prove her existence to the rest of the world. She asks Shinji why he pilots the Evangelion. He says he doesn’t know… he just does it. Later, when he’s in his Eva, Shinji thinks of what Misato told him earlier about her reason to join NERV. She tells him about how her father was killed during the second impact, about how much she hated her father before that, but also about how she wants to avenge her father by killing the angels.

Not much later, the operation starts. The angel is approaching fast, and the 3 Evas are launched to intercept it. The 3 Evangelions are running as fast as they can, to reach the spot where the angel will hit the ground. It seems that they will all reach the angel too late, but for some reason Eva-01 suddenly gets a speed boost and runs much faster than it did before, and is just in time to intercept the angel with its AT-field. Just as he is about to lose control over the angel the other two Evangelions show up and support him,

Rei cuts open the angel’s AT-field, and Asuka jams her knife deep into the angel’s core. The angel dies, and explodes.

After this, the pilots and Misato are getting a call from Gendo, who is still at Antarctica. Misato apologies for messing up and getting Eva-01 damaged, but Gendo says it is ok since it’s the Evas’ purpose to destroy the angels. He also tells Shinji that he did a good job. Later, Misato takes the three pilots out for dinner. Then, Shinji tells Misato that he thinks he pilots the Evangelion to get acknowledged by his father, like what happened earlier that day. Asuka looks at him and asks if that’s the reason why he’s a pilot. Shinji says nothing, he’s just smiling. Asuka says that he’s really an idiot.

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