Episode 13: Angel Invasion / Lilliputian Hitcher

Ritsuko and Maya are running a check-up on the MAGI system, to make sure everything is in perfect order. Misato comes in and asks how things are going. According to Ritsuko things are going well, and the check-up will be done before the pilot tests will start later that day. Not much after that, she proves that she’s right when he MAGI indicate the check-up is completed.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - episode 13: Angel Invasion

The next test is obviously Asuka’s favourite. Not only does she has to be naked for it, she also has to walk through the same room as Shinji and Rei to get to the entry plug. Rei doesn’t care about it, Shinji is kind of embarrassed but Asuka makes the biggest problem out of it. Eventually Ritsuko decides to turn off the security cameras to get Asuka to her entry plug.

It seems to work, not much later Rei, Shinji and Asuka are in the simulation plugs, which are inserted into a simulation body. This body looks almost like a huge human body, but the lower body and the head are missing. Of course, that’s because they are only for simulation and not for battle purposes. After the plugs are inserted, the MAGI take over and start processing the data from the simulation plugs. According to Misato the MAGI are really fast; last time a test like this one took over a week, but now it’ll be completed within 3 hours. Then the MAGI indicate that there is some kind of a dilemma, and starts dealing with it. Ritsuko says to Misato that she can really feel the creator’s personality. Misato asks Ritsuko if it wasn’t her who created the MAGI. Ritsuko says that it wasn’t her, but her mother who created the 3 super computers.

Back in the command room, Fuyutski, Hyuga and Aoba are talking about a possible spot of corrosion in the B-wing. This might be bothersome, so Fuyutski tells them to take care of it the next day; otherwise Gendo would be all over their asses. The corrosion is near the spot where the current tests are taking place, and Maya informs Ritsuko about it. She doesn’t think it’ll interfere with the test though, and goes on with it. They can’t stop a test due to a minor technical problem; otherwise Gendo would be all over their asses.

Then suddenly an alarm starts buzzing, and when Ritsuko asks what’s happening, it seems that the corrosion they just called a minor problem started to interfere with the test. The wall is corroding faster and is radiating heat. Ritsuko orders an immediate abort of the test. Every access to the testing room is shut off, but it’s of no use, the corrosion spreads along the walls and eventually enters the testing room. Then suddenly everything is quiet… until they hear Rei scream.

Her simulation body suddenly started moving on its own, and while the corrosion starts spreading along the walls of the rooms, the body tries to reach out to the control room where Ritsuko, Misato and the others are. Ritsuko quickly pulls an abort switch and the arm is cut off. After that she orders the ejection of all entry plugs and a laser to counter the corrosion, or whatever it is. While the entry plugs are ejected and launched to the outside of the facility, lasers try to attack the corrosion, when suddenly an AT-Field appears in front

of it. Pattern analyse is blue. There is no doubt, it’s an angel.

Gendo is already on the case. He orders that this has to be reported as a malfunction in the alarm system to both the committee and the Japanese government. After that he orders the launch of the 3 EVA units, unit-01 first. This, in order to keep them from getting contaminated by the angel. At the same time, all of the Central Dogma is being shut off tight in order to stop the angel from spreading any further.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 13: Lilliputian Hitcher

By injecting ozone in the water of the room the angel infected, the angel is halted for a few moments. Then suddenly, it starts spreading again. Ritsuko sees that the angel rapidly evolved, and is now using the ozone to grow. Not much after that, the image disappears. Something is hacking into the computers. While trying to block it off, Aoba quickly finds out that the source is the room that was infected by the angel. The angel evolved again, this time into something that looks like a bunch of electronic circuits. The angel is quickly finding its way through NERV’s security, cracking one password after another. As soon as it starts reading the main banks, it becomes clear: the angel is after the MAGI.

Gendo orders an I/O shutdown, but it fails and the angel keeps going on. Not much later, it finds its way into the first MAGI system, and the angel takes over MELCHIOR. It initiates MELCHIOR’s self destruction system, but is overruled by the other two computers. The angel doesn’t seem to give up though, and continues with taking over BALTHASAR. The NERV employees watch while the 2nd MAGI computer is slowly taken over by the angel, then suddenly Ritsuko orders to change the logic mode, and to change the synchronization code every 15 seconds. After this is done, the angel halts and BALTHASAR is left half infected by the angel’s virus. This gives Ritsuko about 2 hours to think up something to counter the angel.

The angel is built out of small particles, all the size of a virus. Together, they form colonies that work together, and it evolves to overcome its weaknesses and it adapts to any environment. Since the angel overcomes its weaknesses by evolving, there is no use to attack it. Therefore, Misato request to destroy the host, meaning the whole MAGI system would have to be destroyed. Ritsuko rejects this proposal, and says she’ll deal with it, since it was her fault in the first place to let it happen. Ritsuko proposes to connect CASPER, the last MAGI computer, to the angel and counter-hack it, and then make it self destruct. The problem is, to carry this out, the barrier between CASPER and the angel will have to be de-activated, and then it only depends on who is faster. CASPER, or the angel. If Ritsuko fails and the angel takes over CASPER first, it’s all over. Ritsuko is confident she’ll succeed though.

Not much later, Ritsuko raises CASPER so she’ll be able to access the computer. When she opens it, there are sticky notes left by Ritsuko’s mother all over the place. Maya is completely hyped by what she sees; there are all kind of important codes and commands on the pieces of paper. With these, they’ll be able to work much faster than they originally thought. While working inside the MAGI, Ritsuko explains to Misato that the MAGI is based on a personality, the personality of Ritsuko’s mother. It was

her personality that was implanted in the MAGI, and when she cuts something, they see some brains inside. According to Ritsuko, they are in a very real sense her mother’s brains. Right after Ristuko connected some wires to it, BATLHASAR is completely infected and the angel starts hacking into CASPER. From that point, Ritsuko only has 20 seconds to stop the angel, then the 3 computers will be taken over and NERV Headquarters will self-destruct. With one second to spare, Ritsuko manages to stop the angel, and a few seconds after that, the angel self destructs and erased from the MAGI computers. Not much after that, the angel completely disappears from the infected areas.

After this, Ritsuko is taking a break, and tells Misato more about the MAGI. The MAGI are 3 aspects of her mother. Herself as scientist, herself as a mother, and herself as a woman. The three aspects struggle over dominance within the MAGI. She intentionally implanted the dilemmas of human experiences, and the programs are slightly different. Casper contains the program of her as a woman, and she stayed a woman to the last. “How totally like my mother.”

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