Episode 14: SEELE, Throne of Souls / Weaving a Story

The 11th angel Iruel had invaded a critical spot at NERV, of course SEELE didnít stay calm about this, though Gendo said that Magi havenít recorded anything about a 11th angel, because SEELE didnít have any proof they gave him a warning that lying in a meeting like this was punishable by dead, the meeting is aborted and Gendo doesnít get any punishment at the current time.

At NERV a new Synchronization project is held, Rei is the first to start this project, she are going to come in synchronization with unit 01, while in it she begins to see Shinjiís memories and experiences, after a time she wakes up as if it was a dream, Misato asks how it feels to be piloting Unit 01 for the first time, Rei then says that it smells like Shinji. Because Unit 01ís and Unit 00ís Personal Data Pattern is nearly the same she got nearly the same Synchronization as with Unit 00, Misato then says that only because the Pattern is

so alike this project is possible, after the project on Rei they have a project on Asuka (though she is using her own Eva, Eva 02) her Harmonics and Synchronization is Normal as always. Then its Shinjiís turn, he is coming into the compatibility project to use Unit 00, the harmonics are normal but he is a bit nervous, of course Asuka has to complain about this She also asks why she isnít in the Compatibility Project and Misato comes up with the excuse that Asuka only would want to pilot Eva 02 anyway, although the truth is that Asuka wouldnít be able to synchronize with Eva 01 nor Eva 00.

Then Unit 01ís LCL is electrolyzed and first connecting is initiated, while in progress Misato asks Shinji how it is to be in Eva 00ís Entry Plug, he says its kind of weird, and Misato asks if itís a sense of incompatibility, Shinji says not, but that it smells like Rei. Even though his Synchronization Ratio is lower than with Eva 01 the Harmonics are all normal. Ritsuko thinks that the Readings are still good enough and wants to execute the dummy plug System. Maya objects it, but the plan is still executed and a third

connection is establishing with Unit 00 and the Psycho-graph stays stable. Then the A-10 Nerve Connection is initiated and the harmonics go up twenty points, but then suddenly Shinji feels something is trying to invade his mind. He begins to see Pictures of Rei in his mind and suddenly EVA 00 goes crazy because of a problem in the Nerve pulse. Ritsuko says that it is impossible when the plug is a depth like this. The Power Supply to the Eva is cut and it switches to backup power. Then the Eva attacks and tries to kill Rei who is standing and watching the Eva go berserk. While bashing its head into the wall, the Eva runs out of energy and goes silent.

Because of this accident Eva 00 is going to be reconfigured with Reiís Data. Shinji wakes up at a hospital, he is alive and hardly injured. There is no sign of mental contamination and Shinji doesnít remember what happened. Meanwhile Asuka is lying in her bed thinking about the first child, she wonders what the first child really is. Elsewhere Fuyutsuki and Gendo talk about that SEELE could interfere if they knew about the accident with unit 00, but Gendo just say that that the Eva has been reconfigured for Rei

and that the new synchronization test was successfully. Fuyutsuki asks about the Adam Project and Gendo says that it is only 2% behind schedule. Then Fuyutsuki asks about the Lance of Longinus, Gendo says that its going as they planned and that Rei is carrying out the Operation.

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