Episodes - Episode 15: Those women longed for the touch of others’ lips,
and thus invited their kisses.

Gendo and Fuyutski are on board a helicopter flying above the three Ashino Lakes. Fuyutski tells that the men at SEELE are becoming annoyed, and want to dismiss Gendo due to having the Human Complement Project behind schedule. Gendo states that all projects are mutually linked…it will be alright. “By the way, what’re you going to do with ‘him’?” “I’ll leave him alone just like Marduk Agency.” “He’s still useful for a while longer, isn’t he?”

Meanwhile Kaji is in Kyoto, talking with an old lady. She tells him that his job is to investigate NERV, not to interfere with the Organization (Marduk Agency). He replies that he won’t be satisfied unless if he confirms everything himself.

In the NERV HQ, the children are doing another test…while the crew gossips about what to wear to the wedding. After the test is done, Ritsuko and Misato find that Shinji looks a bit more depressed than usual…because “it”, is tomorrow. Shinji and Rei are inside of an elevator. He tells her that he’s going to meet his father tomorrow, and asks her what he should talk to his father about. Of course, she never does “answer” him, instead she asks “why are you asking me?” and “is that why you always stare at me,

to ask these questions?”

Then, Shinji mentions about earlier in school, that Rei was wringing the dust cloth. “It looked like it was a mother’s way of wringing”…Rei blushes and looks a bit surprised and uncertain. “Actually, you may be suited to being a housewife.” Rei says back, “What are you talking about?” Back at home, Shinji is lying on his bed…thinking about his father’s words. “Go home.” “Good job, Shinji”. Misato comes in and asks… “Are you afraid of seeing your father alone? You shouldn’t keep running away…but you have to step forward or nothing will change. You’ll discover the importance or going forward once you’ve taken the first step. Anyway, be confident tomorrow. You’re going to see your mother as well.”

The next day all three people (Misato, Asuka and Shinji) leave the house, leaving Pen Pen deserted. Misato goes to the wedding…feeling a bit annoyed since Kaji came late, unshaven, and with a loose tie. Shinji, with pink flowers comes to the graveyard… “Ikari Yui 1977-2004”. Gendo from behind tells Shinji, “People live by forgetting the past. But there are things you shouldn’t forget. Yui taught me that important fact. I come here to reaffirm that.” Shinji asks “Do you have any photos?” He replies “No. This tombstone’s ornamental. There was no body. Everything’s inside my heart. That’s enough for now…” As Gendo is leaving, Shinji shouts “Father! …well, I’m glad that I could talk to you today.” “I see.”

Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 15: Those women longed for the touch of others’ lips, and thus invited their kisses.

There is Shinji at home, playing his cello…he is playing “Suiten für Violoncello solo Nr.1 G-dur, BMV.1007 1.Vorspier” by Bach. Asuka comes home early from her date with Hikari’s sister’s friend and compliments him (it appears that Asuka ditched the guy while they were waiting for the roller coaster). Shinji started to play the cello because his teacher suggested it, and when Asuka asked why he kept playing… “because nobody told me to stop.” Later in the night, Misato, Kaji and Ritsuko are drinking and talking at a bar…after Ritsuko leaves, Misato phones Shinji and tells them that she’ll be late, so go to bed. Asuka immediately asks “she’s not coming home tomorrow morning, is she?”

After all the drinking, Kaji carries Misato down the roads on his back (it appears that Misato just puked). Kaji tells her “You’re wearing high heels, I really feel like time has passed.” Misato goes on telling Kaji about how she lied that she said earlier that she fell in love with another guy… she noticed Kaji was like his father… she was longing for her father in men and when she noticed, that she was scared…staying

with Kaji, being a woman,everything was scary…she hated her father, but she fell in love with a man like him…she joined NERV to forget everything…but it was the organization that her father once belonged to…she was deceiving herself by taking revenge against the Angels… They stop walking; Kaji tells her “You’ve chosen to do that. You don’t have to apologize to me.”  “No, I didn’t choose! I was simply running away!” She goes on saying she’s just like Shinji, being a coward, running away, being so childish, that she has no right to preach to Shinji, that she’s a hypocrite, that she’s relying on a man, “I’m so disappointed in myself!” Kaji quickly grabs her and gives her a kiss…calming her down…

Back at home, Asuka is lying on the table looking quite bored. “Hey Shinji, do you want to kiss?” He’s quite surprised, and asks her why… “Because it’s boring.” She starts bugging him how it’s the anniversary of his mother’s death, that she might be watching from the heavens. “Are you scared?” “No, I’m not scared of kissing.” “You’ve brushed your teeth didn’t you?” Shinji nods. “Then, here I come…” Asuka moves in close, Shinji’s eyes closed and blushing…they stop, she says “Don’t breathe through your nose, it tickles…” She quickly squeezes his nose and kisses him. His face is turning more and more red. Pen Pen walks by and sees that Shinji’s skin color has turned purple…he makes a fist…Pen Pen goes into its ‘bedroom’…Shinji’s skin turns green… “Ahhh!” he moves back and catches his breath. Asuka quickly runs off and rinses her mouth vigorously, “Yuck! I shouldn’t have done it to kill time after all!”

Just then Kaji and Misato returns home and of course, Asuka pops out, “Kaji!” He throws Misato onto the bed. “Hey Kaji, why don’t you stay for a while?” “They’ll laugh at me if I go to work like this”. Asuka hugs his arm…then lets go with a slight worried look, “the smell of lavender…” (the smell of Misato’s lavender perfume). Kaji leaves and tells the kids to take care of the drunken Misato.

The next day, Rei is absent from school. Within the NERV HQ, the center of the deep underground facilities...Central Dogma. There is Rei, contained within a tube filled with LCL that is connected by a huge network of tubing above it. Rei smiles, Gendo smiles back. In the same location but 2008 meters underground…Terminal Dogma. Kaji approaches a door that says “KEEP OUT. Main LCL Plant: Circulation Line No.3”. Just before he swipes the key card, Misato comes up from behind and points her gun at his head. “Kaji Ryouji belongs to the Special Inspection Division of the Special Institute, NERV…but you also belong to Japan’s Ministry of the Interior, don’t you?”. She tells him that this is her own act, Gendo didn’t order her to stop him. Kaji apologizes for keeping this a secret. She stops as a return for taking care of her yesterday. “Thanks, but the Commander, and even Rit-chan, kept this secret from you…this is it.” Kaji swipes the card…Misato looks at ‘it’ with concern. “This is…? Eva? No, it can’t be…” Kaji responds to her, “Yes, it’s the key to everything since the Second Impact…and it was the beginning of it as well. It’s Adam, the first Angel.”

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